Blue Jays Game for Poker Players

Figured I would write a quick blog post about the a Toronto Blue Jays game that some of the Organic Rakeback crew are going to be attending. For those of you who don’t know, Pokerstars is holding a special event for Silverstar and higher VIPs. Pokerstars has purchased the entire Summit Suite (it’s a sick suite if you’ve never been there before) at the Roger’s Centre for the Toronto Blue Jays vs Texas Rangers baseball game on Sunday, August 19th. It’s going to be off the hook!

For those of you who don’t know what the Summit Suite is like, let me tell you it is decked out! It’s the nicest suite at the Rogers Centre by far. There is a ton of seating including huge movie theater style seats on the lower level. Leather stools and various chairs also line the entire window of the huge box suite. There’s a pretty decent sized bar as well as a pool table (I predict some big prop bets going down at the pool table). It’s lined with flat screen tv’s, wireless internet (I hope no one grinds during that game) and tons of other cool features.

Pokerstars didn’t stop there either, they also have arranged a lunch buffet and snacks for all attendees. Unfortunately beverages are not included, however there is a bar in the suite where you can drink until your heart’s content as long you’ve got your wallet open. Rumor has it that Pokerstars will be letting players buy drinks at the bar using their FPPs (I’m kidding, sorry to get your hopes up).

Pokerstars failed to mention this in their description in the VIP store, but it’s FREE BOBBLEHEAD DAY! Ricky Romero is going to be on offer at the Jays game on Sunday August 19th. I went to a game last year and coincidentally free bobblehead day as well. I couldn’t believe how crazy people go for bobbleheads. I saw a couple of grown women on the verge of crying when they found out they had run out of bobbleheads. I ended up giving my bobblehead away to a little kid who didn’t get one, as I don’t really care too much about them.

Anyways sorry I was off on tangent there. Organic Rakeback is going to have a bunch of our crew there. If you’re planning on going to the game let us know! We’d be happy to meet up and talk poker with anyone who is interested. Also if you’re interested in getting hooked up with some killer rakeback deals, fee free to ask us at the game! We’re always happy to get guys set up with amazing rakeback deals. Simply use our contact page if you’re attending the game and would like to talk to us!

Do you want to the game but don’t have tickets? We actually have a couple extra tickets available and we’d happy to bring a couple people along to the game and festivities free of charge. Just email us and tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll be more than happy get you set up with a ticket if we still have some left!

Look forward to seeing everyone at the game!

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