Get RICH from Referring Your Friends for RAKEBACK

We’ve haven’t updated our blog in a while and I’ve been meaning to get a new promotion running to coincide with the launch of iPoker 2.0 and the new iPoker 2 Network. This is a busy time for most players, as many grinders have to resort to finding a new online poker rakeback deal that will be included on iPoker 2.0.

I want to make YOU RICH! Ok, well you might not get rich, but you’ll definitely make some serious CASH! All you have to do is refer you friends to an of our rakeback deals and we’ll give you 5 to 10% of their rake FOR LIFE! Yes, that’s right, FOR LIFE! We have a sick rakeback system in place that will pay you 5 to 10% of your friend’s gross rake for life automatically. All you need to do is get us in touch with your poker friends and then sit back and watch the money roll in.

Let’s suppose you refer a friend for 50% rakeback on one of our deals, and he rakes an average of $5000 USD per month. You would be earning 10% commission for this referral, so that means you’d be getting $500 USD in COLD HARD CASH every month! It really is that easy! We have guys who are making a killing just from recruiting poker players to sign up for rakeback with us.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to discuss some of the ways you can recruit your buddies to sign-up. Once thing we take pride in is only offering the most reputable online poker sites for our players to play at. Protecting our players’ money is our number one priority, so you won’t find us working with sketchy sites with poor reputations and bad customer service (We NEVER worked with Ultimate Bet or Full Tilt Poker because we didn’t agree with their business practices).

Anyways enough about us, I’m sure you’re extremely tired of hearing my sales pitch. So let me show you some of the cold hard cash that will be yours:

Poker Player Holding Cash Stacks

BLING BLANG BLAOW! Can you smell all that money?

Sorry I’m getting carried away again. Hit us up if you need rakeback on iPoker, Merge, Revolution (formerly Cake), Boss, Microgaming, or any other network for that matter.

Alot of people have been asking us about iPoker 2.0 and what skins will be included so I just want to clear the air here. Alot of site have been saying that only Will Hill, Poker770, Bet365, Titan and a few other skins will be included. That is simply not the case! There are many other iPoker skins that will be included. We’ve got some pretty good sources from management teams at various skins, so just email or message us if you want to know what skins will be included.

Get in touch with us ASAP. Don’t miss out on a killer rakeback deal!

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