Organic Player Darren White Featured in WPT Magazine

We just wanted to take the opportunity to give a big shout out to long time Organic Rakeback player Darren White for his recent success in a WPT Magazine freeroll on Coral Poker that he entered. Darren is an incredible player, who absolutely crushes the stakes that he plays. He surprised us when he was kicked off of a rakeback deal he was playing on for winning too much money! That speaks volumes about his game. Darren, who goes by the name OrganicPlazaPPP online (thanks for representing Organic Rakeback Darren), plays across a variety of networks and sites.

This particular tournament was interesting because did not have a typical registration process, whereby many people register in the days and weeks leading up to the tournament but are often not present when the event is played. Registration was conducted via email which meant only those serious about the tournament were enrolled. Darren told us that he enjoyed this format because it restricts participants to only those who are serious about playing poker.

Darren dedicated this win to his mother who recently passed away, citing that all of his hands held steady during all-ins and he was not subject to any bad beats. Losing a loved one is never an easy experience to go through, and we can’t even begin to imagine how tough it must be for Darren. We wish all the best for Darren and his family moving forward. Darren is an awesome poker player and even better person, which speaks volumes about his character.

We’ve been procrastinating on getting some patches mailed out to Darren to wear at tournaments etc! This is our cue to get on our horse and get going. All we need to decide first is whether or not a logo redesign is in order.

Here’s a shot of the article Darren was featured in:

Darren White's WPT Magazine Feature

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