Poker Staking

Organic Rakeback set aside a large sum of money specifically for staking players! We are actively looking for new players to stake, so if you are in need of a bankroll please do not hesitate to message us. All applications will be considered, however preference will be given to players with pre-existing accounts on Organic Rakeback. Currently we are looking to recruit no-limit cash game players.

A brief overview of what is offered:

  • online staking deal that provides motivation to put in volume
  • coaching sessions once per week (extra times available as well if needed)
  • skype group to discuss and review hands and play
  • incentive system for good performance
  • ability to aggressively move up limits

What we are looking for in potential players:

  • ample amounts of time to play (at least 3-4 hours per day)
  • previous experience along with a track record of being at least a marginal winner at the stakes you would like to play
  • ability to play a large volume of hands each month
  • desire to learn and improve game, as well the ability to receive criticism and coaching from our team members
  • references

How To Apply:

Email support (at) (title your email: STAKING REQUEST) with the following information:

  • full name
  • a detailed history of your poker career
  • explanation of the circumstances which caused you to ask for a stake
  • nicknames and screennames that you have used previously
  • graphs and stats
  • a brief paragraph about why you deserve a stake

Applicants please note: we are only currently staking up to NL 50. Please read the above instructions carefully, as applicants who do not follow the above instructions will be automatically deemed ineligible.


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