Poker VPN

VPN’s, also known as a Virtual Private Network, have become a hot topic as of recently in the online gaming world. As various countries and governments begin to regulate online gaming the industry is seeing the widespread use of VPNs rise significantly.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an extra layer of security available to users who connect to the internet that can protect personal data that might otherwise be accessed or sniffed without an individual knowing. While using a VPN your computer sends encrypted data to the host server of your VPN provider and then sends the data to the actual server you are requesting information from (this could be a website, or a piece of software such as an online poker room or casino). The host of whatever website/software you are requesting information from will see your request as though it originated form your the location of your VPN and can’t view any information about your IP address or system configuration (such as operating system or screen resolution).

Some individuals have been using VPNs to bypass IP address and location-based restrictions put in place by various online poker networks and casino rooms. This is a practice that we strongly discourage, as discovery by operators will result the online poker room or casino you are wagering with seizing your account balance. Some poker rooms also have advanced VPN detection software in place that is capably of monitoring for use of most commonly used VPNs.

At the end of the day, if you really want to play on a specific site you should strongly consider relocation as a means of being able to play legally. The risks of having your account balance seized simply do not warrant playing online from restricted jurisdictions.


*We do not condone playing any kind of iGaming product from a jurisdiction which you are not supposed to. We advocate always playing on sites which are legally allowed to accept transactions from your jurisdiction.

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